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What are the main results?

The most significant and measurable outcomes and results of the project are:

·         a training programme for persons with learning disabilities to become trainers of staff on the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (UNCRPD) in English, Bulgarian, German and Hungarian.

·         48 trained trainers with learning disabilities and 16 trained co-trainers without disabilities from 4 different countries who are trainers to staff on the UNCPRD.

·         278 staff members of service providers for persons with disabilities or students in Austria, Bulgaria, Germany, Hungary and the United Kingdom who received a training on the rights of persons with disabilities according to the UNCRPD, implemented by trained trainers with learning disabilities.

·         a DVD telling the story of one person with learning disability who was trained  and became a trainer and delivered training to staff on his rights according to the UNCRPD serving as guidance material to the new approach and its methodology.

·         120 participants, about 80% of them with a learning disability, at the international conference who experienced how the training-by-persons-with-disabilities approach works.

4 educational institutions in Austria, Germany and the United Kingdom who already implemented the training-by-trainers-with-disabilities approach into their curriculum by employing or subcontracting trained trainers with learning disabilities on a regular basis to train students about the rights of persons with disabilities according to the UNCRPD. - This was intended to be the long-term goal of the project but was reached already withing project lifetime.


Leaflet on results

A leaflet describes and shows the achievements of the project. It is written in easy-to-read.

You can download the leaflet here:

The training programme

We developed a training programme to train persons with learning disabilities to become trainers on the UNCRPD. 49 persons with learning disabilities were trained by trainers with learning disabilities from Austria, supported by a co-trainer.

Here you can download the summary of the 5 days training course as well as the handbook of the training course and the presentations:

This project has been funded with support from the European Commission. This leaflet was not written by the Commission and the Commission is not responsible for the information on this site or how it is used.